Global Financial Technology

Global Financial Technology


Why Choose Blockade?

We connect people globally with our Fintech solutions


Global Network

Blockade’s global network provides technology connectivity across regions seamlessly.


Automated Simplicity

We provide our clients with solutions that are simple to use and automated to enhance the client experience.


Comprehensive Suite of Services

Take advantage of our full ecosystem to drive increased revenue and lower costs.

Who We Are

Blockade is redefining financial technology to serve and connect people and organizations on a global scale. Our clients benefit from our high levels of service as well as our Global Network, Automated Simplicity and Comprehensive Suite of Services. Blockade owns and operates a full scale end to end platform for financial technology solutions.

We provide decentralized, automated FinTech solutions to streamline tasks and process, as well as secure data in an encrypted, decentralized manner. Whether it’s connecting legacy application, automating transactions, storing data, or creating custom applications, our business helps ensure your organization is running efficiently.


Data Storage

$0.015 per GB Stotage

$0.05 per GB Bandwidth


Customized FinTech Application Development

SaaS & Custom Development
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Robotics Process Automation

SaaS & Custom Development
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