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How Blockchain Works

Blockchain uses encryption and complex algorithms to create a ledger of transactions that is nearly impossible to alter. When a new transaction is executed, confirmation takes place throughout the entire network of connected machines to verify validity. The ledger is then permanently updated and deployed to the network.

What We Do

As a blockchain technology company, we provide decentralized, automated FinTech solutions to streamline tasks and process, as well as secure data in a encrypted decentralized manner. Whether it’s connecting legacy application, automating transactions, storing data, or creating custom applications, our business helps ensure your organization is running efficiently.

Enterprise organizations globally increase their revenue with Blockade’s decentralized automation

Our Services

Fast and Global

Facilitate real time transactions on a global scale with analytics, auditing and reporting



Blockade’s use of base layer transactions on the blockchain are irreversible and final


Perfect Forward Secrecy on data transmission coupled with AES-256bit  Encryption on decentralized stored data


Lower Costs

Data conversion for cross system compatibility allowing legacy systems to communicated with one another providing greater organizational efficiency


Smart Contracts Execution to automate commercial transaction and contractual agreements

our solution increases productivity and decreases costs

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